Meatlovers it’s not only about love for the meat, it’s a meaty style,
character and delicious attractions, which you will discover by following our website.

Meatlovers on tour

The Meatlovers Food Truck is on tour taking its meat route.
Visit the food-and-sport Mealovers zone on the way to the Beach Project. Grab a delicious hot dog, take part in the contests and have fun.
Get ready for lots of activities!

Meatlovers’ Flavors

Discover the natural tastes of Meatlovers hot-dogs. Frankfurters made of 100% ham meat, fresh additives and our unique combinations of ingredients. Follow our route. Naturally.

kapusta zasmażana, boczek, karmelizowana szalotka
Los Angeles
papryka karmelizowana, jalapeno, boczek
relish z ogórka, ogórek małosolny, pomidor, jalapeno
coleslaw, szalotka karmelizowana, musztarda
bekon, pomidor, awokado, pieczona papryka, grillowana kukurydza, prażona cebulka, sos (awokado i kolendra)
Corn Dog
Corn Dogi, sosy (3 do wyboru): Chimmichuri, BBQ, Musztarda, Ketchup

The world of Meatlovers

Activities, fun and natural dgoodies. The best is waiting for you at every place the Meatlovers food truck will appear. Check out the photos and videos from our last events.

Meatlovers on film

Moda Mięska

Meat-a-licious fashion

Meatlovers will bring you delicious meat snacks and, surprise, meaty T-shirts and jumpers. Find out about the tastiest trends of the season. 100% Meatiness guaranteed.

Moda Mięska

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